Profile Essay Examples: Definition

A profile essay is a type of descriptive paper when you need towrite about a certain person, object, or place in a sensory,comprehensive, and accurate manner.

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When writing, you need to pay attention to little details so thatthe reader could get the sense of completeness when reading youressay. After going through various profile essay examples anddeciding on the subject you want to write about, you need to makesure that you have enough knowledge and info about the subject toexplain it to your readers properly and in all minor details.

You will need to use strong nouns and adjectives to write such atask to describe the features and qualities of a certain object.If you are doing this assignment for the first time you do notneed to worry because it is simple and all you need to do isfollow the traditional format of the paper which consists of theentry, body part, and conclusion. The only difference of thistype of essay from other kinds is that you have a chance to showmore of your creativity and demonstrate your full knowledge onthe subject.

How to Start a Profile Essay on a Person

The most important thing when writing this kind of paper on aperson is how you begin it. If you don’t master how to preparethis section, your readers will not benefit from reading youressay. Here are some useful tips to consider to make sure thatyou deliver a successful work:

  • Catchy phrase. Start your paper with a catchy sentence orphrase. This is one of the best ways to attract the attention ofyour readers and get them to want to read your paper. There’sonly one chance you have and you usually need only severalsentences to draw your audience in. If your professor is readingyour paper, it won’t be a loss if you don’t get his or herattention because they are going to read your work no matterwhat. However, depending on how catchy your beginning is willsignificantly influence the grade you are going to get.
  • Background information. The second important thing you needto do is to ensure that you offer some background info on thesubject you are writing the essay about. Even though this may beone of your favorite subjects, your teacher may have no clue whoyou are describing. If you don’t take the time to let yourprofessor know the person you’re writing about, your paper willbe a waste because your teacher will be seating and trying tounderstand your paper instead of reading the content of it. Whenthe professor finishes his reading and still doesn’t what yourpaper was about, he or she will likely to give you a bad gradebecause they could not understand who you were writing your essayabout. Therefore, provide some background information on theperson you are talking about in your paper in the entry so thatthe readers know from the very beginning what you are going totell them in your essay.

The Importance of the Entry

The entry of your essay is important because the audience willget the first impression from this paragraph. Many profile essayexamples showed that if you can hook the audience at this step,then you will be able to persuade it to read the rest of youressay till the very end. If you fail to compose an accurate andinteresting entry, then the readers may not continue reading yourpaper.

To begin a paper on a strong note, keep the following in mind:

  • Plan far in advance. One of the first things you should dobefore writing a paper is to provide a plan and allocate time youare going to spend for each section. You need to prepare acareful plan and allow margin for unexpected delays so that yourplan could fit more to reality.
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  • Collect all relevant information on the subject. In order todeliver a comprehensive profile essay, you need to collect allthe relevant information on the subject. This is important sinceit will save your time later.
  • Describe your topic in an interesting and entertainingmatter. Give a good idea to your audience about the subject andtry to engage them in your topic by starting your paper with aninteresting fact, anecdote, or story.
  • Use a thesis to explain the scope of your essay. In the endof the entry paragraph, include a thesis, which would explain thescope of your paper.
  • Be accurate and brief. When creating sentences try to makethem brief and precise so that it will be easier for your readersto understand the idea of your paper and what you want to say.

Pay Attention to the Best Examples

To write a comprehensive profile essay, you need to acquaintyourself with other good profile essay examples. Take a paper ormagazine that often publishes such essays and look through someof them. Most of the essays you’ll find there will be aboutfamous people, but still attempt to notice what makes these essayentertaining. Pay attention to how the topic is established andthen disclosed throughout the paper.

Carefully Select Your Subject

The next step is to select the subject of a paper. Of course, itis much easier to compose about a person with the remarkableexperiences. For example:

  • A celebrity
  • A war hero
  • A politician etc.

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However, essays on subjects that are not necessarily intriguingcan be very entertaining too. It all depends on the author. Ifyou’re writing a college paper try to pick a person who youreally know.

Get Ready for the Interview

If you’re writing about a famous person and you can interviewthis person, then you definitely need to do that. But beforegoing to the interview you need to prepare questions you aregoing to ask this person. Try to choose questions that a broadenough and have an open ending. For example, choose the questionsthat start with the following:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why

Questions that require a yes or no answer should be avoided asthere is a risk that the person you’re interviewing will bereserved and will only nod or shake their head when answeringquestions instead of given proper answers. Collect as muchinformation about the person you’re interviewing as possible.

First Impression of the Person

Perceive the person as a whole. Start with some essential detail,which is easy to describe. What kind of person is this: tall,short, thin, young, or old?

Only one silhouette of a man says that he:

  • Young
  • Middle-height
  • Short-haired
  • Casually dressed
  • Musician

No need to analyze too much. You only need a first impression.The process of human perception can last only a few seconds. Trynot to ignore the distinctive features, try to notice as much aspossible. This guy has a huge tattoo on his forearm, and thatgirl has an outfit – perceive the person in a moment and takeinto account all the details.

If you’re describing the appearance of the person, begin with thehead. Most profile essay examples the escribe the appearance ofthe person stick to this approach. Look at the hair of a personand give it an evaluation. Does this person have long hair orshort hair? Is this man a blond or redheaded? Does he wear acertain hairstyle? Did he ever wear it at all?

Description of the hairstyle may be a more difficult task thanthe task with a silhouette, since in the latter case there aremore nuances.

Evaluate the physique of a person. Confirm your first impressionand select several aspects. Is the person fat, thin, or slim?What color is his blouse or shirt? What color is her shorts orskirt? Again, try not to go into details – just make a generalimpression.

Working on the Paper

This is where real work begins. When writing an essay, rememberthat your work should be built on your perspective of thesituation. Try to be fair but keep in mind that you only retailsomething and transport you reader into the situation. Sinceyou’re writing only a version of something that has occurred youare being subjective but this is not a problem. Given an accurateopinion on the person and the things will make a better paper.The key thing in profile essays is to figure out a mainimpression. Like in all other essays you need to make a proposaland offer arguments to support it.

The thing you need to avoid when writing a paper is providing aninterview transcript and presented as a paper. This is whatstudents are inclined to do first. But attempt and compose anarrative so that your essay will have an obvious structure witha beginning, middle, and the end. The subject will start in onepoint then will go for a journey and will end up in anotherpoint. Some students may want to write the paper topically,moving from one subject to the other. This method is oftenapplied in profile essays prepared for magazines. You willprobably use a combined technique.

Your aim is to carry away the audience and make it feel like theythere and they know the person you are writing about. To reachthis, include many little details – something that nobody elsehave noticed before. In order to engage readers completely useone of the five senses:

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Touch

These tips will help you in preparation of a profile essay.